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Garden Renovation

IIf you’ve lived in your home for quite some time there may be parts of your garden that have seen better days. Or perhaps you’ve moved to a new home where the garden has been neglected. Maybe the layout is lovely and there are some wonderful mature shrubs and trees, but bits are just not doing well. You SO want to get things looking the way they should, but you don’t know where to start. Fortunately, The Garden Design Partnership is here to help you with your garden renovation. We love working to bring gardens in need of TLC back to life.


The Garden Renovation Process

Bringing your garden back to life

We will work closely with you to guide you in making decisions about the renovation. We’ll ask you if you want the garden to be more or less as it once was, or if you’d like to take the opportunity to make changes. Where plants are not doing well because they are poorly situated we’ll suggest others for you to choose from. We might propose that the shape of a bed could be enhanced, or that a certain feature would look wonderful here or there. We want your garden to be fabulous and, as we bring it back to life, we’ll consult you to ensure that the result is everything you desired, and more.

So, if your garden – or parts of it – have seen better days, contact us now to discuss how we could bring it back to life and make it even more beautiful than you imagined it could be.