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Garden Maintenance

There are gardeners, and there are gardeners. At The Garden Design Partnership we are passionate about plants and we pride ourselves on providing high-quality garden maintenance. We’re a bit old-fashioned; we love looking after plants properly, as they should be cared for, and seeing them thrive as a result. Our passion, knowledge and experience enables us to keep your garden looking fabulous, naturally.

garden maintenance

The Garden Maintenance Process

Keeping your garden fabulous

We don’t use chemicals and sprays because these destroy a garden’s natural ecosystem. We believe that this, and our pride in our work, sets us apart from many other companies offering garden maintenance. Our clients have been delighted to see plants that had been dormant for years suddenly bloom, after we pruned them the right way at the right time. We’ve also been thanked for bringing established but badly maintained gardens back to life, giving clients joy and bringing back many happy memories. We believe that gardens should be organic, beautiful and full of life. Just like our own garden.

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