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Wonderful & Exquisite Hibiscus


The flowers of this Hibiscus are, I think, fascinating and a divine colour. Pascal and I love to fill our garden and patio with beautiful plants. But we also love them around us in our home. We have palms, ferns, yuccas, gardenias, cacti and many kinds of orchid. In fact there is at least one large, beautiful plant in every room. Oh, except for the downstairs loo, which hasn’t got a window. So there are dried alliums in there from the garden, instead.

Of course gorgeous, healthy plants bring life and colour into our homes with their striking foliage and, in some cases (like this wonderful hibiscus) their resplendent, exotic flowers. They reward us for our care by complementing the rooms we live in. And they give off wonderful energy. But in return for their board and lodgings they also do a spot of cleaning by releasing oxygen into the air. Not all plants release the same amounts. But some are such effective air cleansers that, after extensive studies, NASA is seriously considering the possibility of using plants in space stations to help keep astronauts healthy.

Because most plants actually produce oxygen during the day, and in fact take up a little of it at night, many people avoid putting them in the bedroom. But cacti, and Christmas cacti actually do things the other way around. Orchids also absorb carbon dioxide during the day and release oxygen at night. So, in fact, these are excellent plants to have in your bedroom to clean the air while you sleep.

I’m sure this wonderful hibiscus doesn’t produce as much clean air as our palms, ferns and orchids. We just find it simply divine to look at. It never fails to lift the spirits with its generous succession of gorgeous, huge flowers in the most exquisite colour. It is nearly as tall as me now, and grows more floriferous each year. We keep it in the studio where we can look at it all day while we work. There is a very large mirror opposite so it looks as if this small room is twice the size and there is one plant on each side. When it’s blooming it lights up the room. And if we did insist on it earning its keep, they say tea made from the calyces of the flowers heals everything from high blood pressure to depression.

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