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House Enhancing Raised Beds

Our clients wanted to change their large, rather bland drive and bring it to life. But they didn’t know how. We designed two large raised beds, curving along the front of the house. These would combine with a large stone circle which would break the severity of the expanse of gravel, adding elegance to the property. We mirrored the coloured decorative brickwork on the house in the capping of the beds. We also suggested the window frames of the three parts of the house (all different colours) be painted in the same colour to bring them together. Finally, we erected a large trellis in the same colour so that beautiful climbers could soften the expanse of brickwork.

The circle was to be left until renovations had been completed inside the house, but sadly it was never created as our clients had to return to the U.S. That was a shame, because it was such an integral part of the dynamic we’d designed. However the house-enhancing raised beds alone, planted to be full of texture and colour whatever the season, greatly beautified the newly unified house and created a warm welcome.