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elegant cottage garden

Elegant Cottage Garden

This elegant cottage garden was just a half-dead lawn edged by some struggling lavender when we began caring for it fifteen years ago. Initially an eyesore, it has matured beautifully into a wonderful place to spend time. The combination of elegant formality provided by the topiary, and the informality of a traditional cottage garden planting, is very striking. There is something to enjoy all year round and, as it’s totally organic, it’s full of life. Hedgehogs love to visit at night, and a colourful array of insects, birds and bees busy themselves amongst the shrubs and flowers during the day.

Gardens change over time as plants grow and some come to the end of their lifespan. That’s one of the joys of caring for a garden over the years. The trick of creating lasting beauty is to bear in mind the growth and spread of the original, structural, planting and to enjoy the challenge of enhancing it in new ways as it matures. The gallery below starts with our most recent photos of the garden, going back in time.