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About The Partnership

We are the essential garden design partnership, devoted to creating heavenly gardens that are beautiful all year round. Our mission it to make your garden a pleasure to be in – and to look at – come rain or shine. One an innovative designer, the other a passionate plantswoman. We work closely together on every aspect of our designs, ensuring that each of a garden’s elements works collectively to create a sensuous harmony of colour, texture, shape and form.

the garden design partnership

Natural & Organic

What also sets apart The Garden Design Partnership from other garden design teams is our dedication and expertise in transforming, enhancing and nurturing gardens naturally and organically. We design, plant and maintain to ensure that the supremely effective ecosystem in your garden is encouraged and sustained. We want to transform your garden into your own little Eden. But we don’t just do whole designs from scratch. We can renovate gardens that have seen better days, create or enhance areas or borders within existing gardens and suggest new features. And, of course, expert TLC is essential to a healthy, heavenly garden; that’s no problem: we are proud to offer high-quality maintenance as well.