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We believe that even the humblest garden has the potential to become a blissful sanctuary: a place to break bread with loved ones and friends; a space to bask in the sun; a shady oasis in which to relax, listening to the buzz and hum of wildlife that has been attracted into the garden by beautiful, fragrant flowers.

But although your garden is at its best during Spring and Summer’s abundance of beautiful blooms, there is something to delight the eye or nose even in the depths of Winter. With careful planning and maintenance your garden can be a joy all year around. Why not let us do the hard work to ensure that the time you spend in your garden is true bliss.

Discover what is different about us and the Garden Design & Landscaping services we offer. Have a look at our work and see examples of gardens we have transformed, enhanced and maintained organically. Thus, If you like our style and our ideology, contact us to book a free consultation and get started now on the garden of your dreams.


Garlic, ‘The Food of Love’

fat balls

No Fat Balls in Spring & Summer


Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep, Chirp!

Sweet Pea 'Painted Lady' single stem

Sweet Peas – A Gift from the Gods?