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Garden Renovation

If you’ve lived in your home for quite some time there may be parts of your garden that have seen better days. Or perhaps you’ve…

Garden Enhancement

Many people love their garden but feel something is missing and some garden enhancement is needed. Sometimes our clients don’t really…

Garden Maintenance

There are gardeners, and there are gardeners. At The Garden Design Partnership we are passionate about plants and we pride ourselves on…


secret exotic retreat

Secret Exotic Retreat

We created this colourful, ‘secret’ exotic retreat at the bottom of a very large back garden. It was in a sunny place, almost…

A Touch of Topiary

The exotic area we had created at the bottom of his back garden really delighted our client. Consequently, he asked us to transform another…

Elegant Cottage Garden

This elegant cottage garden was just a half-dead lawn edged by some struggling lavender when we began caring for it fifteen years ago….

town garden

Town Garden Enhancement

The front and side of this town garden were untidy and dull. Although this was a good-sized area and should have been sunny, overgrown…

container gardening

Container Gardening

With a little expertise and imagination even a very small outdoor space can become a beautiful, uplifting spot to sit in. You can garden…



Garlic, ‘The Food of Love’

Garlic is one of the oldest cultivated plants in existence, having been cultivated for at least 5000 years. Six garlic bulbs were found in the tomb of Tutankhamen.

fat balls

No Fat Balls in Spring & Summer

Birds love fat balls (AKA suet cakes). And so they should, in winter, when they can make a difference to a bird’s chances of survival. I make my own fat balls, and I put them out all winter.


Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep, Chirp!

The opening screen of Chirp! Do you remember that hit from the ’70s called ‘Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep’? No? Don’t worry, Chirp!, isn’t anything to do with that song.

Sweet Pea 'Painted Lady' single stem

Sweet Peas – A Gift from the Gods?

Sweet peas delight us with their wonderful fragrance and beauty and are the quintessential English cottage garden plant. Or are they?